Quiz 67: Words in opposite direction!
Let's see who find the longest word (not Palindrome!) that has meaning also in the opposite direction.

For sake of clarity, DAM is a valid word, because in the opposite direction becomes MAD and both DAM and MAD are meaningful.

Palindrome words are not valid for this quiz. For instance MADAM is not valid (simply because you can easily find them on the web, and we want make you think, not only simply pressing a button :-)).

OK, the longest found word is... "desserts-stressed", 8 letters long!

Then we have also "deliver-reviled" (7 letters) or "spacer-recaps" (6 letters) or "reward-drawer" (6 letters)

Bye bye all

Congratulations anyhow to Darixsem who found "stop-pots"
Solution desserts-stressed

1Darixsem50 01:00:04 Italy Free