1) is a web site dedicated to quiz
2) Regularly, a quiz is published and everybody who is registered can send the solution
3) The registration is free
4) There are two kind of users: "Friend" users, that are simply registered and "Member" users that have registered and that paid the "Member" fee (not yet working)
5) For every quiz there are awards points available based on the position of the answer. The first who answer correctly get the higher points.
6) 10 points coresponds to 1USD
7) When the amount of points is bigger than 100, a phisical award can be asked to
8) The award can be asked by the user, sending the link of the item desidered, choosing from e-Commerce sites (for instance Amazon, ebay, Alibaba etc).
9) The earned points must covered also possible shipment costs, duties etc.
10) The gift can be selected in whatever currency and country providing there are enough points to cover shipments costs and duties and that the website selected can accept credit cards payments and can ship the gift at the winner destination. The exchange rate applied is the one at the day of the gift request.
11) Violence goods (guns, riffles etc), pornography items etc cannot be chosen. has the right to deny a gift that considers not ethically correct.
12) 10% of the income is donated to charity initiatives.